Services provided by Davis-Moye & Associates may include any combinations of the following:

Art Collections

  • Identifying sites within a facility where appropriate art work is needed
  • Selecting appropriate existing art work when available for designated sites, conforming to both budgetary and aesthetic parameters
  • Selecting artists who can execute appropriate site-specific work, if necessary, conforming to both budgetary and aesthetic parameters


  • Acting as liaison on all specifications for art work, lighting, and installation of the work as necessary
  • Acting as liaison between your office and other consultants on all matters concerning art work
  • Acting as liaison on any events involving art works or installation, such as exhibition openings, temporary public installations, symposia, or conferences

Specialized Services

  • Curating exhibitions for commercial, educational, or not-for-profit venues
  • Managing the production of prints derived from other media
  • Managing production of large-scale murals and prints from small-scale art work
  • Working with artists on output of art work on textiles, a resource that opens the possibilities of producing custom fabrics for specific locations
  • Managing adaptation of exciting and appropriate imagery for such architectural elements as banners, murals, site-specific sculptures, and installations

Documentation Services

  • Developing, reviewing, or updating:

— a consistent system of terminology for an art collection
— a consistent protocol for recording the individual objects
— an inventory numbering system appropriate to the collection
— a database of the collection using appropriate software

  • Locating all objects and recording their locations in a consistent fashion
  • Photographing all objects for a database
  • Condition reporting all objects as a base line for future comparisons, including data such as accurate descriptions and measurements
  • Recording as much of the history of each object as is known or can be collected
  • Coordinating with any necessary valuations or appraisals of the collection
  • Preparing reports on the collection, as required
  • Pinpointing necessary repairs or maintenance issues
  • Acting as liaison between all parties on matters concerning art work repair and conservation