The Book as Art Reception


My summer’s project has been acting as coordinator for the inaugural version of the Decatur Arts Alliance’s The Book as Art at The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur’s gallery on the Decatur Square.










We have been overwhelmed with the response to this show, and hope that you are able to see it in person. We are looking forward to big crowds on the square and in the gallery August 30 – September 1. The kickoff to the weekend is The Book as Art gala reception August 29 – details are in the invitation above.

Go to for a preview slide show of the work, and to download a pdf catalogue. If you are not able to attend during the weekend, remember that the show is up through September 20.

We are also looking forward to increasing participation with the City Schools of Decatur, with Nick Madden’s third grade class from Glenwood Elementary performing this year as our pilot program with the schools.

Thanks to the original inspiration of Lisa Mittler Bradford for knowing that 2013 is truly the year to examine the IDEA OF THE BOOK as a vehicle for information, an art object, a documentation of fleeting and permanent knowledge, and a stubbornly analog format in a digital world.

Enjoy the show!